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22" Ride X Series

Since its debut in 2006, the TRX Cymbal Company has been dedicated to creating high-quality cymbals that meet the needs of today’s progressive drummers. Over the years TRX’s innovative cymbal designs have extended drummers’ sound choices and, as TRX celebrates its 10th Anniversary, the company continues its commitment to pushing the boundaries of cymbal sound with the launch of the “X” Series.

Labeled “X” to both commemorate ten years and describe their exotic sound quality, the TRX “X” Series is thin, traditionally-lathed, hand-hammered, B20 cymbals with a unique pattern of deep, over-hammered dimples. This exclusive design provides an unprecedented combination of warmth and wash with definition and projection and fills a sonic niche virtually untouched by other cymbals. The “X” Series is available in a full selection of Rides, Crashes and Hi-Hats and recommended for a wide variety of contemporary music, from modern Jazz to classic Rock as well as R&B, Latin and Pop.

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