TRX Adds Mega Bell Rides To ICE Series Cymbals.

The TRX Cymbal Co. has introduced 6 new additions to its groundbreaking “ICE” Series: the 18˝, 20˝, 21˝, 22˝, 23˝ and 24˝ Mega-Bell Rides. The extra-heavy cymbals feature TRX’ “Diamond” finish and a massive, 9˝, unlathed bell. Intended for modern rock and metal drumming situations, the new ICE Mega-Bells have a clean, clear, cutting sound.

“Drummers have been asking for these heavy ride cymbals for quite a while,” says TRX President David Levine. “The 18˝ ICE Mega-Bell Ride is perfect for drummers with a large cymbal set-up because it has a big, powerful sound but doesn’t take up a lot of space. On the other hand, many of the drummers who helped us develop and test the 23˝ and 24˝ models say they’re perfect for any set-up.”

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