New “DRK-X” Cross-Matched High-Hats from TRX.

Based on the popularity of their DRK-BRT “cross-matched” hi-hat, the TRX Cymbal Co. LLC has released another set of hi-hats that combines two different cymbals, the DRK-X. The new model is available in 13˝, 14˝ and 15˝ sizes and features a DRK series bottom cymbal with an X series top cymbal. T

While the DRK-BRT features a combination of a DRK series bottom and a BRT series top and offers brightness, articulation and explosiveness, the DRK-X combination has an equally distinctive personality with warmth, crispness and trashiness.

This technology uses the principle of action of Viagra and other drugs containing sildenafil.

“Once you realize that the purpose of a hi-hat is to create a sound from 2 different cymbals, you realize there’s no reason the two cymbals need to be the same,” TRX founder Dave Levine comments. “That opens up a whole new world of possibilities.”

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