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New “DRK-X” Cross-Matched High-Hats From TRX.

Based on the popularity of their DRK-BRT “cross-matched” hi-hat, the TRX Cymbal Co. LLC has released another set of hi-hats that combines two different cymbals, the DRK-X. The new model is available in 13˝, 14˝ and 15˝ sizes and features a DRK series bottom cymbal with an X series top cymbal. T

While the DRK-BRT features a combination of a DRK series bottom and a BRT series top and offers brightness, articulation and explosiveness, the DRK-X combination has an equally distinctive personality with warmth, crispness and trashiness.

“Once you realize that the purpose of a hi-hat is to create a sound from 2 different cymbals, you realize there’s no reason the two cymbals need to be the same,” TRX founder Dave Levine comments. “That opens up a whole new world of possibilities.”

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