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Crash Cymbals, LTD Series, Ride Cymbals

TRX 23" LTD Crash-Ride

Explosive and punctuating, crash cymbals bring a wash of color to your playing.

Available in 18″ through 23″ Crash-Ride models and matching 14″ and 15″ Hi-Hats and 19˝ and 21˝ Chinas, the LTD Series’ three “zones” offer drummers a unique range of cymbals with a distinctive look and sound.

The outer edge of the LTD cymbals features a heavily polished finish that adds brightness and explosiveness to the crash component of the sound while the bell of the cymbal is has a natural finish to increase the definition and articulation of the ride sound. To maintain a balance between the LTD’s clarity and power and its overall warmth and full-frequency tonal spectrum, the main playing surface has a more traditional lathed and hand-hammered finish.

Slightly heavier than the TRX MDM Series to further enhance their projection and durability, the TRX LTD line is recommended for a variety of contemporary playing situations.


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