Feel The Power Of The Dark Side: The New DRK Series by TRX

TRX_New-DRK-Bryson-600x600In keeping with its mission to create a range of cymbals that meet the needs of modern drummers, the TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to introduce its “New” DRK Series. The new cymbals are a redesign of one of the company’s original and most popular lines and have been developed for players who desire warmer, darker, classic cymbal sounds without sacrificing the power and projection required by contemporary styles and situations.

TRX_New-DRK-Lukas-600x600“Dark sounding cymbals have always been the ‘holy grail’ for drummers but they haven’t always been the right choice for their music,” explains TRX President, Dave Levine. “Our ‘New’ DRK cymbals have a wonderfully warm, vintage sound along with a bit more brightness and clarity than other traditional-style cymbals. This makes them extremely relevant— and appropriate— for the music today’s drummers are playing no matter their age or genre.”

TRX_New-DRK-Demian-600x600The “New” TRX DRK Series, which will be introduced at the Chicago Vintage & Custom Drum Show in mid-May, is ultra-thin and features a natural finish with deep lathing and heavy hammering. New DRK Crash-Rides and Chinas also come standard with a series of 9 pre-drilled holes that accommodate TRX’s removable rivets (sold separately). Priced the same as current TRX series, models and sizes, the New DRK Series is available in:
18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23˝ Crash-Rides
13, 14, 15˝ Hi-Hats
18, 20, 22˝ Chinas
16, 18, 20˝ Thunder (vented) Crashes

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