TRX High Contrast Cymbals

Contrast—the differences between high/low, soft/loud, fast/slow, short/long, dark/bright and other polar opposites— is an essential element in all forms of music. It is also the basis of a growing trend in drumming with more and more players applying the concept of contrast to cymbal selection. To support this development and encourage players to increase the contrast of their cymbalsets, the TRX Cymbal Co. recently launched an initiative to introduce the term “High-Contrast” to the cymbal market.

“Drummers have traditionally chosen low-contrast, homogenous sounding cymbals from a single, somewhat narrow range of cymbals,” explains TRX president, Dave Levine. “This is fine for many musical styles but new music has evolved. There is a new, growing and, frankly, refreshing trend among younger players to add greater contrast and sonic diversity to their cymbalsets by mixing and matching cymbals from multiple series and a wider range of sounds.”

“Today’s drummers are searching for cymbals that have different tone qualities— in some cases, extremely different tone qualities. They’re choosing secondary rides and crash-rides that really stand out from their main rides and crash, china, splash, vented, stacked and other effects cymbals that allow them to maximize the contrast and expand their sound palette. We’re using the term ‘High-Contrast’ to draw attention to this selection technique as well as the differences between our cymbals and cymbal company.”

TRX’s DRK (dark), MDM (medium) and BRT (bright) Series cymbals form the core of the “High-Contrast” spectrum and meet modern drummers’ need for blend and contrast. The company’s NRG, LTD, ALT, Blends, New DRK and SFX Series offer additional tonal options that extend the spectrum on all sides.

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