Young Turks: Introducing TRX Cymbals

Blending the classic art of Turkish cymbal making with the contemporary tonal and performance characteristics demanded by today’s progressive players, the TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to announce the introduction and immediate availability of its handcrafted, premium-quality, Turkish-made cymbals.

While all drummers have long been aware of the heritage and musical superiority of Turkish cymbals, in the past the instruments have been designed almost exclusively for traditional players and conventional styles. Now, according to the up-and-coming cymbal maker, TRX intends to redefine, modernize and expand the relevance of Turkish cymbals by bringing their legendary quality, consistency and variety to younger drummers and drumming styles— from Jazz, R&B and World music to Country, Punk, Pop and Rock.

To simplify the cluttered and often confusing cymbal selection process, TRX’s four lines are classified solely on the basis of their tone quality. “DRK” cymbals are lighter in weight and have the deep, dark tone generally associated with jazz, ethnic and R&B music. “GEN” cymbals are medium-weight cymbals that are recommended for general-purpose applications. The newly-developed “ALT” series is heavier in weight and designed to be the new standard for today’s mainstream styles while cymbals in TRX’s “BRT” line are extra-heavy and feature a bright, powerful sound that is ideal for high-volume fusion, rock and punk drumming.

In addition to their specific weights and tonalities, each line is further identified by its unique lathing and finishing processes. For example, “BRT” cymbals are micro-lathed and highly polished, “ALT” and ”GEN” series feature a more midrange lathing and finishing style and the “DRK” line incorporates deep lathing and hammering along with a dark, earthy finish. This exclusive combination of elements provides a more efficient and consistent balance between the cymbal’s fullness and focus in order to offer a wide range of cymbals with more extreme tonal character and a highly attractive appearance.

Furthermore, since they are all produced from an exclusive, pure B-20 bronze formula and handcrafted by master Turkish cymbalsmiths, every TRX cymbal not only performs brilliantly on an individual basis, each cymbal can also be easily combined with other models, sizes and series to create an unlimited variety of highly individual yet completely complementary cymbal sets.

TRX custom-crafted Turkish cymbals are now available in a complete selection of types and sizes to fit the widest spectrum of sonic choices and situations. For further information and the name of your local, authorized TRX dealer, please explore our website.

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